Monday, April 11, 2011

still stitching

Still working away on this wedding quilt and it is taking me soooo long. Up to the small outer applique blocks now , the center is done.
I like to use a glue to baste my pieces into place.
Here they are ready for the petals to be stitched , then they will have a circle appliqued to the center.
This other pic is a little dolly quilt made of Yo Yo's that my Mum found for me in an Op Shop. Its from the 50's or 60's and the stitches are huge , so I think that maybe a little girl may have made it for her favourite baby doll. The tape measure is to give you perspective, the finished puffs are abour 1" wide.
And the little Vase is also an Op Shop purchcase from my Mum , its the perfect shade of duck egg blue, my new favourite colour.
This is the back , and a view of the gorgeous big stitches.

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  1. It may feel like it is going slow but it looks like you are moving along with the quilt just fine. Its looking terrific!
    I love the little yo-yo penny rug.