Monday, January 31, 2011

Another hot day

Today is our second hot day in a row and my new house has no airconditioning. I moved into this beautiful big old home about 3 weeks ago and air con didnt seem a priority at the time. At least we have ceiling fans.

I joined in some stitching today at a friends house . There is a small group that meets at the shop every Friday and they enjoy each others company so much that they are now meeting once a month at their private homes.

I was hand stitching some tumbling blocks that I have had on the go for so , so long. Im determined not to repeat a fabric , so , it takes time to acccumulate fabrics. This also means that no-ones stash of Reproduction fabrics is safe. Not sure what the finished size is going to be, just taking it as it comes.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello Blogworld

This is my second wander through blog land. Life took over and I had to take time out for myself. Mind you I have not stopped following my favourite blogs.

I have been designing quilts for my quilt shop " Beechworth Quilters Cottage " for 10 years and would love to start sharing my love for Antique quilts with everyone . All of my quilts have an Antique feel about them and many have been directly inspired by some well known Antique quilts.

We have started wholesaleing our patterns and you will start seeing them in your local quilt shops very soon .

This pic is a quilt " Florrie " that was in Homespun Magazine about 2 years ago.
I love needle turn applique.